Google Display Ads Conditions

When considering Google Display Ads, please consider the following:

  1. Choose a TEMPLATE
  2. TEXT: The text limitations on each advert differs based on the template you have chosen (TEXT + Call To Action). Please observe the number of characters the advert displays as it will differ on each advert.
  3. IMAGE: Your images should complement the template you have chosen.
    • If you have chosen a template where the text is placed in the middle, the perfect image would be a landscape image without too much detail in the centre of the image. Keeping in mind that the text will be over the image.
    • If you have chosen a template where the text is placed to the left or right, the perfect image is the one with the action of the image cantered to the opposite side. It can be flipped horizontal, so the main content would change to the other side.
    • * Keep in mind that the image & text display will vary for each advert size and is dependent on the proportions we can work with.
  4. FONTS: All fonts used within the adverts must be google fonts.
  5. ANIMATIONS: Animations will be the same as in the template you have chosen. Please note, it is possible to reduce the number of animations, but it is not possible to create new ones.

For all adverts please be advised you can change the following:

  • It is possible to change the logo, text, fonts (Google Fonts), picture, and colours.
  • Unfortunately, it is not possible to change the number of characters, animations, and positions of the text.
  • Please note, any changes requested once the ad has been built will be billable. It is therefore important to sign off on the advert whilst in static design.