OTA Analysis Terms & Conditions

  1. OTA Analysis Service Agreement & Form with log in details must be signed & completed by hotel & Net Affinity before commencing analysis.
  2. All logins that are required much be provided in advance –no review will start until received.
  3. Stats and points outlined above are based on Booking.com and will vary depending on OTA reviewed as the information provided by each OTA can differ.
  4. A timeframe will then be provided to the hotel as to when to expect OTA analysis.
  5. Once completed a date will be set by dedicated business manager to have a call and review actions no later than 1 month’s post review completion.
  6. After this date if additional services are required from the Business Manager an ongoing service package will be offered.
  7. Time Allocation –4 Hours Per Channel * Dependant on OTA channel been reviewed
  8. Recommendations are made by our highly skilled team and in good faith, however Net Affinity cannot be held responsible for environmental changes that impact strategy advice.