Exit intent analysis identifies the exact reasons why visitors intend to leave your website / Booking Engine
• Booking Engine Exit Intent – To identify why a user didn’t complete a booking
• CMS Exit Intent – To identify if a user found what they were looking for and if there are gaps in the content.

This project lasts 3 months and includes the exit intent software and 3 hours of analysis resulting in a report with actionable data for the client.
We find exit intent analysis to be very effective in terms of finding potential pain points for users that we would not otherwise know of.

Why 3 months? Completion rate for the survey is between 2 – 4%, therefore we must run the survey for 3 months to get a good volume of data.

There is a question logic to the questions:
• follow up if you say yes: What could we do to make this site more useful?
• follow up if you say no: What were you hoping to find on this page?

  • Exit Intent Analysis

    Exit Intent Analysis

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    • Fully editable Logos, Text and Brand Colours
    • Promote Amenities and Available Services
    • Up-sell your Restaurant, Spa, etc. while the Guests are on Property
    • Encourage Sign ups to your Special Offers or Newsletter email database
    • Link directly to your Website's amenities and services
    • Not Currently Available on Website Builder
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