Drive marketing campaign traffic to a specific landing page, created with content and images specific to your marketing message.

Benefits of Marketing Landing Pages:
1. Designed to encourage customer engagement & eliminate distractions within the Booking Process
2. Ability to create multiple variations of your landing pages and customise the message to target your different audience groups
3. Direct traffic to your landing page from multiple sources such as Social Media & Email Marketing
4. Maintain Consistent Message throughout your Marketing Efforts

  • Marketing Landing Pages

    Dynamic Marketing Landing Page

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    • New Dynamic Marketing Landing Page
    • Designed to encourage customer conversion and to eliminate distractions.
    • For use in Marketing Campaigns, e.g Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads to funnel the user into the conversion funnel.
    • Swap between a Call to Action with a URL & a Form to complete on the page
    • All options available to be enabled & disabled as required - Featured Circles, Featured Boxes, CTA Bar, Gallery
    • Ideal for Targeted Promotions or Room Sales e.g. Over 55’s Mid-Week Offer, or Wedding Leads
    • Available to use within the Net Affinity CMS
    • Unlimited Number of Uses - Once build, simply clone the page and update imagery and content to match your campaign objectives
    • Recommended to use for all your Digital Marketing Campaigns
    • Available through Website Builder also - speak with your Net Affinity Contact about enabling this for your Website Builder Website
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